Prospective Students

Mountwest Community & Technical College is the right choice for students at any stage of their life. Mountwest offers many opportunities to discover the educational pathway that is right for you. You can start here and transfer anywhere to take your education to the next degree. At Mountwest, students will find their own way to combine personal interests with education to help them make the most out of their future.

If you are a high school student thinking about your next steps in life, applying to college is a new, and at times, stressful experience. Mountwest Community & Technical College strives to make this process as easy as possible for prospective students. If you are an adult learner returning to college after any number of years since high school, or since your last few college courses or degree program, you are not alone. Almost 50% of Mountwest students share this in common. Let Mountwest help you navigate your pathway back to the classroom, whether for college credit, personal growth or continuing education.

If you are a transfer student - either taking your first two years of study at Mountwest Community & Technical College before going on to complete your bachelor's degree, or transferring to Mountwest from another college—we can help keep you on your educational pathway. Wherever you are from, and wherever you want to go, Mountwest Community & Technical College can get you there.

For help or questions for the enrollment process, Contact a Peer Coach at 304-710-3060.